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Knowledge Action Portal Digital Agency Latvia

Knowledge Action Portal

The KAP is a flagship WHO online community-driven platform launched by the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (GCM/NCD). WHO’s Member States are increasingly exploring the use of evidence-based knowledge and data for decision making by leveraging new opportunities offered by digital solutions and technologies to strengthen health systems and achieve universal health coverage.

There has been a clear acknowledgement of knowledge platforms which provide wide ranging benefits within public health. They can promote knowledge dissemination to new audiences, provide opportunities for new partnerships to be created, and new solutions to be formed and implemented.

The KAP is the first platform of its kind to highlight a variety of NCD resources, tools and information from WHO Member States, United Nations (UN) Agencies, and non-State actors (NSAs) including non-Governmental organizations, academic institutions and business associations. The WHO platform will accelerate national NCD responses by providing a central hub to access a range of campaigns, media, publications, data, and other resources in an interactive, innovative and engaging format. Sections within the platform include:

  • KNOWLEDGE – a data repository of NCD resources divided into global health thematic areas.
  • COMMUNITIES – a dynamic workspace where emerging and established stakeholders from a range of backgrounds share perspectives, discover best practices and provide solutions to NCD topics.
  • CAMPAIGNS – a stocktaking of campaigns where users can join the growing global movement of regional and national advocates.
  • COUNTRY ACTION – an interactive map tracking countries that are committed to tackling NCDs through demonstrated multistakeholder and multisectoral action including national success stories.
  • RESEARCH CONNECT – an interactive marketplace connecting researchers, academic institutions and funders of research (to be fully launched in 2020).
  • NEWS AND EVENTS – a central hub of news, events, videos and success stories.

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